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Ocean Rowing Boats



I have worked with ocean rowing boats and micro-cruisers since the beginning of my career. I have provided independent surveying and technical advice to specialist manufacturers, independent rowing boat builders, and their clients. I find ocean rowing boats fascinating, and I am always impressed and fascinated by the engineering and what drives the crews. I enjoy getting to know the crew personally and supporting them from the ‘idea’ right through to ‘casting off’.


Some of the boats and teams I have worked with have gone on to set new world and race records in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge.

References from previous rowing clients are available.

If possible, I often offer a discount to those raising money from ocean rowing activities.


Ocean Rowing Boat Surveys:

I am experienced in surveying ocean rowing boats to identify existing and potential faults that affect the vessel. These surveys are usually carried out pre-purchase for used boats, during preparation, or when construction has been completed on new vessels.

Survey reports are prepared in a printed and electronic format which is known and recognised by Insurers and Atlantic Campaigns, for the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. 

Reports can be supplied with a CD/DVD of high-resolution still and video (if taken) files of the vessel and its components.

I am a member of the IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying) and RINA (Royal Institute of Naval Architects).


The survey format is recognised by Atlantic Campaigns and Insurance Companies.


Ocean Rowing Boat Electronics:

  • Full electrical survey and refits are available.

  • I have wired newly build boats from scratch and have completed partial rewires and equipment replacement.

  • I am a member of the British Marine Electronics Engineer Association and hold BMET and MEI qualifications.


Ocean Rowing Boat Watermakers:

Regarded as one of the most important items of equipment on the boat! I have built up a working relationship with one of the UK’s best specialists in the installation, maintenance and repair of water maker/desalinisation equipment.


Special prices on Katadyn and Special prices on Katadyn and Spectra Waters meters and spares direct from the UK importer.

Liferaft / Lifejacket / EPIRP / PLB Servicing:

I work with a local specialist in the supply, rental, maintenance and repair of Liferaft / Lifejacket / EPIRP / PLB equipment that is suitable for Ocean Rowing.

Ocean Rowing Boat Race Advice:

Although I am independent, I work closely with other international ocean rowing boat specialists and will always recommend them as the most appropriate supplier for race/rowing advise and any other services that I am unable to provide.

Ocean Rowing, Boat Safety, and Outdoor Equipment

A new price and equipment list is currently being revised. The list includes items specially chosen equipment aimed at ocean rowers, other sailors, and explorers.

Please contact us for the current list, or if you have any special requirements. Most online and retail prices can usually be beaten

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