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Drone Inspections:



Preliminary inspection of masthead equipment with an aerial drone inspection. Utilising a lightweight drone which has the ability to take high-definition (HD) photographs and video and is permitted to operate over people and premises.

This offers the ideal alternative to arranging a mast climb and provides time and cost savings. The drone can be set up and operating in just a few minutes and provides live feedback of photographs and video.

This is ideal for where a problem is suspected, such as damaged masthead equipment, antennas, wind vanes, anemometers, navigation lights etc. 

For boat rigging, an aerial drone inspection is a good primary method for diagnosing a suspected problem, but nothing compares to getting aloft or dropping the mast to ground level for a full inspection. 


A suspected rope around the propellor, a stuck rudder, lobster pots wrapped around the keel, fouled sterngear, lost anchor, worn anodes, fouling check? A fast inspection of submerged equipment with an underwater inspection. Utilising a tethered drone or camera with LED lighting, we have the ability to take high-definition HD photographs and video.

An underwater inspection whilst afloat may save the cost of an expensive marina lift-out and allow for a plan of action to save any time in crane slings/on the hard if repairs are required.

For keel grounding/collisions, nothing compares to getting the vessel lifted, this would always be the recommended course of action.

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