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Other Services:

Office / Showroom

WillMyBoatFloat has a office and showroom at Titchmarsh Marina. Appointments may be required as we're often busy working in the boatyard.

Boat Management

If your boat is on the East Coast, but you are unable to visit regularly between sail outings, why not consider Boat Management and Key Holding?

I will visit your vessel at arranged intervals to monitor: battery charging, fuel, freshwater, mooring lines, covers, heating, ventilation etc. This can also include annual checks and maintenance of pumps, tanks, outboards, consumables etc.

Records can be kept of life jackets, life rafts, EPIRBS, PLBS, flares, extinguishers, smoke/carbon monoxide/gas detectors etc. and servicing or replacement arranged as required.

I can stock and prepare your boat with essentials before your visit.

Arrangement and supervision of Yacht and Boat Transportation by road

Working with local and national haulage specialist boat transporters, I can be there to ensure that your boat is lifted correctly, escorting your boat to its destination and ensure that it is safely laid up, or re-floated.

Checks can include seacocks, lifting strop locations, mast raising, securing rudders etc.

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